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For over twenty five years,


has worked closely with the finest names in luxury and lifestyle across three continents to help craft powerful brand stories, align growth strategy with authenticity, and niche down or scale up. With three decades of expertise in public relations and communications, she is passionate about helping brands build their image and realise their business vision, with the right mix of creativity and strategy. Born and raised in Paris, where she started her career in corporate and new media PR in the 90’s, Srimoyi then worked in lifestyle PR and public affairs for several years in New York. She founded Peepul in 2006 and chose to move to India to grow her vision, represent Indian brands going international and vice versa.
Much of her work focused on being the conduit between the local and global market.

Drawing together her combined experiences from France to India, Srimoyi is also Founding Chairperson of the Luxury Committee for the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce. Sri, as she is fondly called, currently lives and works out of Goa, with her family. 

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After running her own pan-India agency that represented a diverse portfolio of marquee brands, Srimoyi extended her experience to start her strategic consulting firm, Peepul Advisory, in 2018. In her current function, she heads overall communications for a portfolio of luxury brands, builds pathways across categories and new markets, create & launch new labels, and build organisational resources.

Peepul Advisory
Our 25 years of experience at your service – let us help you energise and transform your brand story and trajectory.

We are a strategic brand communication outhouse for our portfolio of luxury brands in India and beyond. With an advisory function and through proprietary tools, we carve out their white space, create unique narratives and propel luxury businesses into the next phase of their journey. We are in creative worlds, where we take pride in marrying design-led dreams with business growth. In our endeavour we have on our side, an advisory board comprising the finest names in luxury and lifestyle marketing.
From three-month engagements to day-long workshops, we also drive strategic interventions for brands to conjure an entrepreneurial vision while harnessing their brand building functions.

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peepul - /ˈpiːpl/
A deciduous and resilient tree with roots expanding deep into earth.
What creates legacy is storytelling, consistency, and a very clear DNA that runs through everything you do as a brand.
What creates legacy is storytelling, consistency, and a very clear DNA that runs through everything you do as a brand.

Meet the Peepul Collective

The Advisors

We are a collective of world-class advisors. We have brought in key experts in luxury, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, media, communications and PR to give you valuable advice on specific requirements, be it brand design, insight mining or marketing workshops. This collective of advisors are here to help anyone interested in the power of brand building.

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Chhavi Seth-Mediratta

Events Advisor, UK

With a diverse diaspora network built over 20 years, Chhavi specialises in tailor made solutions across brand building, marketing, sales & event management.

Neerja Patel

PR Advisor, USA

With 15+ years of engagement with South Asian diaspora, Neerja uses her expertise in marketing, PR & event management across luxury and lifestyle categories.

Tanya Ahluwalia

Brand Strategist & Architect

Builder of brands and businesses. Tanya is passionate about helping brands and organisations strategically build and re-shape their future.

Deepika Gehani

Strategic Brand Advisor

The co-founder of Genesis Luxury, Deepika has launched and managed several prestigious international brands in India during her 25 years in fashion retail.

Pari Purohit

Brand Design Expert

With over two decades in branding, communication & design strategy, Pari’s experience spans most product categories in the luxury as well as mass segments.

Neha Mansukhani

Marketing & Strategy Consultant

Neha’s diverse experience includes working with international maisons like LVMH and homegrown pioneers like the Tata Group over a career spanning 14 years.

Chinmayee Manjunath

Communications Strategist

With 20 years experience in the world of storytelling and publishing, Chinmayee’s expertise lies in bringing a sharp editorial approach to building brand narratives.

Discover Pitch Perfect

In today's hyper-connected and hyper competitive world, each new brand is vying for the same space on your screens and the brand with the most persuasive storytelling wins.
In Pitch Perfect, Srimoyi writes about the most valuable lessons she's learned in her career that spans 25 years and three continents. With inputs from Srimoyi's past clients, her network of editors, industry experts, and business heads, Pitch Perfect is a must-have bible on brand building and communication for anyone interested in winning the Indian consumer and beyond.

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